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Drum carrier Drum Carrier. This figure represents the beginning of the pow wow. Most traditional ceremonies cannot start until the drum is carried into the ceromonial hall.

 This piece is 12 inches tall and 8 wide. 

Drum carrier
Totem The Passing of Tradition (left) 
symbolizes the passing on of the oral tradition from the elders to the youth. All animals and symbolism support each other.

 Footprints at Turtle Pond (right)
This scupture shows the footprints of many of the animals that come to drink at Turtle Pond where Mikinak (the turtle) lives. 

soapstoneman1.jpg (62864 bytes) Ojibwe Man in Green (both sides) This sculpture is intricately inlaid with dark green, purple and black soapstones.  It has a waterbird sculptured front with purple waterbird inlay.  The color of the stone and the symbols in the inlay represent the closeness of Ojibwe people with the water that dominates our land and our culture.  

28in x 18 x 14


soapstoneman.jpg (52332 bytes)
binaesheeannini.jpg (1070419 bytes) Man with Birds (left)  

26 in x 14 in x 14 in


Grey Wolf Man  (right) This is a wolf and man sculpture which symbolizes the brotherhood of the Ojibwe and the wolf.

12in x 10 x 10

greywolfman.jpg (62381 bytes)


Traditional Sculpted Pipes

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