Jeff Savage Sculptures

Jeff Savage lives on the Fond du Lac Reservation in Minnesota. He is a a reknown sculptor able to blend the rich tradition of Chippewa art with his twentieth century outlook. He is best known for traditional pipes and figurines. He also carves large pieces for courtyards, atriams, fountains etc. by special arrangement. 

Traditional Pipes

The bowls of these finely crafted pipes are made from genuine pipestone that Jeff quarries and processed by hand before sculpting them with his beautiful Chippewa designs. Traditional design
Traditional Pipes  These three magnificent pipes are between 28 and 32 inches long. The bowls are carved from pipestone and the stems carved from sumac ant other native woods. The pipes are based on ancient traditional designs and are artifacts of a living history.
This photo shows examples of stem design and decoration. These are eastern woodland style twirl pipe stems. The twirls represent the four winds. They are decorated with beads or porcupine quills as well as feathers, hair, leather, etc. Carved Wood Pipestems
Carved Pipestone Bowls These designs different animals and designs depending on the spiritual use of the specific pipe. The lower two bowls show metal inlay, a design process created during the fur trade era. 
Moose Bone Ivory

Exquisitely carved from the bones of moose harvested by the artist for food.

Nearly indistinguishable from Alaskan Ivory

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Other Sculptures

Jeff Savage
1780 Blue Spruce
Minnesota 55720

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