Jeff Savage

The ArtistJeff Savage is currently the Director of the Fond du Lac Cultural Center and Museum as well as a productive artist.

Jeff S was born November 28, 1950 in Duluth, Minnesota. He resides within the boundaries of the Fond du Lac Reservation with his wife,  children, and grandchildren who are enrolled members of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

A natural born artist, Savage discovered early on his abilities to shape and form stone into realistic art pieces that are beautiful to the human eye. His artistic gift has been fine tuned with years of sculpturing. As an award winning artist, Savage has dedicated a majority of his artistic abilities to the continuation of traditional Chippewa art forms. As a twentyfirst century American Indian artist, Savage is able to blend the rich traditional art form with his Twentyfirst Century outlook into a blend of art that not only expresses traditional design, but also incorporates modern designs of his own.

For Thirty years Savage has sculpted Pipestone.  Savage's dedication begins with quarrying the Pipestone himself.  His love for the stone is shown in each piece he creates. His sculptures incorporate human and animal shapes, which Savage believes not only represents the energy of his people, but also acknowledges the power and wisdom tnat are received through the two legged and four legged beings that roam this earth. Savage has expanded his sculptures to include other American stones such as Alabaster and Soapstone - again the relationship between human and animal are readily apparent.

Sweet Grass Basketry is one of the traditional Chippewa Art Forms that Savage believes needs to be revived. An art form that has been in existence since before the arrival of Europeans, is now near extinction. As an artist and enrolled member of the Lake Superior Band of Fond du Lac Chippewa, Savage has always had a love for the Sweet Grass Art of his tribe.

The examples of Sweet Grass Baskets were rare and far between. Savage felt the only option was to find a teacher of the endangered and dying art form and a supply of Sweet Grass with which to make his own collection of baskets. His tenacity and determination proved successful. After several years of travel and research, Savage is able to bring his Sweet Grass Baskets to the public.

By being an museum curater, Aat Eeucator and Ccnsultant, Savage shares his artistic talent in the classrooms of public and tribal schools and community and four year colleges. As an Artist Educator, one of his recent project endeavors included "Sculptor in the Schools." These projects brings tribal art and sculpture to all grade levels, from beginning to advanced classes.

Savage lives his culture and his art. He does not sit at an urban studio, portraying his culture. He participates in numerous cultural activities such as harvesting Wild Rice, Moose and Deer hunting, traditional plant gathering, Sugar Bush (Maple Syrup) and other activities according to season. Savage is also active in his community. He has served as Chairman of the reservation's Ceded Territory Committee, Chairman of the Local Indian Education Committee and is presently Chairman of the Minnesota Historical Society's Indian Advisory Committee. Jeff Savage's notable accomplishments and exhibitions include:

Savage's work appears in various public and private collections including the collection of the Smithsonian Museum, and the Department of Interior Museum, Washington D. C. His pipes and sculptures have gone to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Japan,China, Estonia and many Native American Nations to numerous to mention. 
Jeff Savage
1780 Blue Spruce
Minnesota 55720

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