Arrowhead Author

Charles Bruns writes about Minnesota's Arrowhead region and the north shore of Lake Superior.  Growing up on a farm outside Duluth he tickled brook trout as a child and wandered the hills and fields in search of his echo. He always wanted to write, but early attempts did not have the depth he knew was possible.  Putting down his pen to search out life he tended bar, sold on the black market, and wandered the western half of the United states.  Living in San Francisco, Phoenix, and New Orleans gave him a feeling for this nation but all roads led back to the land where he grew up.  Working for the state fisheries he began writing again, crafting poems about his surroundings while they happened, directly recording the input of his senses.  Joining other writers to review his work and taking seminars from established authors gave him the confidence to write stories and publish.  Young writers in Duluth coffeehouses challenged him to write the truth about what happened in his life.  Here are the stories of a hippie who came out of the woods.  Char guards the catch in Grand Portage


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