Odd Fish

"you catch the odd fish out on the big lake"

Ken Jones  -  Thunder Bay, Ontario

Lake Superior is a unique resource of deep cold waters and vast area  Great char and introduced salmonids prowl the depths for schools of smelt or cisco, eating these and young whitefish to grow large and provide a sport fishery unavailable inland.   This book included three tales of fishing the big lake and pays homage to the sportsmen and women who confront the great waters to have this grand adventure Trolling Lake Superior is more than just dragging a few lures behind the boat.  It is truly "deep sea" fishing and can produce a fish over fifty pounds.  You are always on the learning curve and each trip out educates you as to what it takes to catch fish on the big water.  Here is a story of the young bucks going out to learn the ropes and confront the superstitions of the sport..  Another tale documents a week in late winter when conditions are right to ice fish the western tip of Lake Superior.  Come along on the maiden voyage of a virgin crew to the fishing Mecca of Isle Royale.  These stories are all true, if you can believe a fisherman.


Silver Bay Salmon Derby - Di's lake trout











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